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Hello, I started to update applications(Next,React) to use the new Appbridge v2. During testing it turned out when I am creating the recurring application charge and making redirect at the end with ...
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Hello Shopify Community and developers at Shopify!Previously it was possible to add multiple images to a custom liquid file/element in the editor with the option of multiple blocks. I just had to add blocks in the schema and I could loop through them...
Well, anyhow this new theme 2.0 extension thing is buggy as hell  One day it was working, next day it was not, uploading perfectly, but nothing is visible. I guess we have to wait a bit more.
Hello Shopify Community and developers at Shopify!During migration to theme app extensions I got into a problem. Before I could have over 25 settings in a custom block, now it is limited inside Theme app extensions. I am trying to figure out how to s...
Hello,I am not sure if your stack is the same but I received a working workaround from a Shopify Staff.https://community.shopify.com/c/Shopify-APIs-SDKs/Redirect-after-creating-recurring-application-charge-does-not/m-p/1174733/highlight/true#M66911
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