How do I add code to the product template to align center the product title on the product page and collections page? Using Supply Theme.
Looking for guidance on changing the background color of the SOLD OUT icon that displays over the item photo on both the collection page and product page. TIA!
I'm using the Supply theme and looking for the code to remove the prices from the collections page. Site is at TIA!
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Can someone help me with code to hide the price on all collections pages?
Unfortunately this didn't make any changes.
Can someone help me with code to hide the prices on a specific collection? Using Refresh theme.
Thanks, yes I actually jumped in on that conversation. If there is a subscription app that allows you to choose the start date and renewal date, that would work, but I can’t find one. Otherwise, the subscription is renewing before the due date.
Hi Sophia, the problem with using a subscription is that it will automatically bill a month after the day the first payment was made, but that might not be the actual due date. For example, someone books a hospital bed on the 10th, but its delivered ...
I own a medical supply company and rent medical equipment to the public by the month. I'm looking for a way to allow my customers to book their rental on our website, and then save their credit card on file for rental renewals at the same time. We ar...
Hi Sophia, I'm jumping in on this thread because I'm trying to find a solution to this issue as well. I rent medical equipment by the month, and my customers want a solution to be able to book online and only have to be able to provide their card tha...
"Enable cart note" doesn't seem available in the Refresh theme. Can someone help with code to add it? Thanks!
Perfect, thank you!
I'd like to align center the collection titles on Refresh theme, can someone assist?
My store at is using the Sunrise paid theme (I haven't been able to get a response from their tech services), and I want to make the header section shorter. There is more open white space above the top menu than I prefer. Can ...
The logo and text with address will be removed once I get the space narrowed, removing them right now barely makes a difference.
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