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Hello,I have just started a new collections page and it only features two items. I spoke to shopify and they said its because I only have two products so it shows them very large.Is there a way to fix this? I am using  dawn. 
Hi, I have created a new collection featuring only two items. However, when the collection is viewed from a PC it is blown out and blurry. On a mobile it is fine! Shopify suggests its because I only have two items. Any ideas on how to fix this?   
I've made similar ones to this but the one I want must be clickable and searchable 
How much would you charge to do this? ##- Please type your reply above thisline -##--[image: facebook] <>[image: instagram] <>Customer CareVibrant
Does anybody know how to create a size chart similar to this one, or an app?
Hello,I've tried using the forum answers that are already in place to make my 2.3.0 dawn theme have a clickable banner. The majority of them made my image banner disappear or came up with "missing translations". I've spent all day trying to make this...
Hi, I want to make our hero banner clickable on our website. I am using Dawn 2.3.0.  I've followed the examples on other forums and it did not work. They made my image banner vanish completely although showing in the sidebar.I found a youtube video a...
Hi,  does anybody know how to code a store to change the currency selected based on the visitors IP address without the use of apps? 
How do I change my title tags in code for home page, about us, and product page?
Does anybody know how to code about us page to appear similar to Shopify "Picture with text"? Ive included a screen shot below. I would like the text to alternate between photo on left text on right, and then text on left and photo on right. Using da...
Thank you very much. How could I do the same for "image with text" to make the same size as rich text? the headlines of rich text I want to decrease headline 1-2For the rich text I want to increase main body of text to 15-176px
Hi, Does anybody know how I can change the font size on rich text using the dawn theme? I know it has to do with REM but not sure where to adjust. I would like to make my headlines smaller, and increase the pixel size of the main text. 
Hey!Does anybody have a tutorial for being able to add a Mobile and PC version of photos to the Shopify Brooklyn slider? I have a photo I want to use. Looks great on PC/ cut off on mobile. Re-sized and now looks good on mobile and bad on desk top. Is...
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