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Was trying to download my 1099-K form from the Documents section on the website, and everytime I click "Download PDF" i get met with a error that says "There’s no page at this address" & I'm not ...
I've been trying to remove the grey bar / header at the top of my website where it has my cart info and just have just the cart icon showing and no grey bar but I cannot find a way to. I've tried to ...
Not sure why i'm getting this error but receiving it every time I go to customize my store again. It says "The following error was found in assets/theme.scss.liquid Invalid CSS after "}": exp...
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no i did not, this is the code i also used for the hover reveal if that helps also:.product-card-wrapper .card--standard>.card__content .card__information { position: absolute; top: 0; left: 0; text-align: center; width: 100%; height: 100...
hi @Abdosamer, works by removing the text but now none of the text from the hover reveal effect also doesn't show now
Attemping to do a hover reveal for the products on my site, hover reveal itself works fine, but having an issue where all of the title names of the products wont dissapear still after putting the code for the hover reveal effect. Was wondering if the...
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