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Hi @FeelingLikeASir this example is for Dawn theme. you theme doesn't support such method. theme customization needed
Hello @jacqueee if you want it to look as on screenshot- add such styling in dev_style.css: .template-collection .section-header { display: flex; position: relative; flex-direction: column; align-items: center; float: none; } 2. Y...
Hi @Gojo try to login from shopify.dev interface if you can see this store there or cleanup cookies 
Hi @phiacal. Client have limited your account with ability to edit collections. ask him to extend.
Hi @phiacal limited rights. Client have limited your account with ability to edit collections. ask him to extend.
Hi @Charlieim. There's an option in matrixify app to import woocommerce products by rest api. Have you tried this method? I think it's not related to bedrock or else as it uses rest.
Your websites uses different approach for cart rendering. It uses section rendering api which means whole cart contents swapped with new content. It's impossible to add animations there.You need to place progress bar out of section and update it with...
They use simple 'ease' with 1000ms speedyou can add same to transition, like transition: width 1s ease; 
Hi @amolrand not good example to achieve this. it's not internationalized, better to use money metafield to achieve this.About animation it's already added to css in example, check it on your side.
Hi @ZephyrShop To achieve this - new section needed with custom functionality. It's not possible with small code changes.
Hi @miniserv it's a bit complex issue.To fix it theme core empire.js code review needed on dev environment.Somehow after first add_to_cart request next ajax request fails and didn't give ability to customer to add same product to cart again (only coo...
Hi @sunsets to make it work same as above - you need to rebuild liquid template first. you current submenu width depend on <a> tag inside. so first you need to wrap text inside <a> in a <span> for example, then you can apply to this span @ThePrimeWeb...
Hi @QK99 can you share shop link to check your code?
Hi @Hodnettretail looks like this app allows to add region as redirect trigger https://apps.shopify.com/opengeo
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