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Did you figure this out yet? It isn't shown in your screenshots, but you may have forgotten to check the "Point of sale" box in the "Sales channels" tile. You'll find it on the right-hand side of the screen. Here's a screenshot. re: Your second quest...
We recently switched to Shopify POS and we're learning that our gen 6 iPads are not quite sufficient to operate the app without major issues. We're experiencing crashing as well as extremely laggy loading in searching products and during checkout. We...
No problem! It's not a very good reason, we just have chosen not to have barcodes on our products. I have a feeling that may change as we continue to grow, but it's not up to me unfortunately.
I ended up reaching out directly to Shopify, and they put me in touch with one of their "Retail Specialists". She provided a lot of answers for me, so I'd recommend getting in touch with them. For keyboards the answer was simple. If your keyboard is ...
At one of our locations we're running POS light on an gen 6 iPad (model #a1893). iOS has been updated recently and Shopify POS was just installed last week, so it should also be up-to-date. Over the weekend one of our employees complained of a freque...
When we try to search for an item in Shopify POS by entering the SKU, the main product listing appears. Which isn't much of an issue on its own, except when we click the product listing it shows every variant instead of just the variant that matches ...
Did you click the Point of Sale checkbox when you created your discount code? You can find it on the righthand side under "Sales channels", seen in the screen clipping below.  All discount codes are automatically available for online store purchases,...
Is there any way to add a prefix or suffix to orders from different POS locations to more easily recognize them when searching orders? Right now I'm only able to filter orders by point of sale, but not by each location. If I could add a 3 or 4-digit ...
Oh that's concerning! Out of curiosity, do you have a large # of SKUs? We have well over 2000, and 250 or so that are only available in-store.
We're looking to move from Vend to Shopify POS. We're already set up with several printers and cash drawers. We also prefer to use bluetooth keyboards with our iPad setups. However I'm having a lot of trouble finding information regarding compatibili...
Our company is looking into using Shopify POS for our 4 retail locations. We already have an online store with Shopify, so the transition should be fairly easy. The question I have today is in regards to inventory. We have a number of products that w...
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