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It's because calling JqueryUI instead of Jquery, you would have to add the following line at the beginning. <script src="" defer="defer" ></script> By the way, if you're not going to use...
Hello.You can edit the availability of each variant from the product.  Also note that your theme code has support for hiding variants not available, otherwise this will never work.If for some reason you can't handle Shopify's default inventory:It occ...
Hello.I do not know how your form works or if it is within Shopify itself.But, what can work for you is to use the Shopify Ajax API, specifically the cart API. Where you only need to specify the product ID and the quantity to add.
I saw you posted very similar questions earlier.
Hi Raylyna.As you mention, you deleted the code, so what Shopify tries to do is search for that code and when it can't find it, it marks the error.Here I suggest you review the copies you have made of your theme and see if the code you deleted in the...
Hi Melshop,I took the time to remove all the code that comes from Loox, with this you shouldn't have a problem.If you still receive the message, it would be good if you shared more information about that message with us to know specifically what is h...
Hi Jessica,I don't quite understand what you need or what is the purpose of putting that background image.What I can tell you is that it is not enough just to put that code and that's it, you probably need to create new content with HTML (Liquid) to ...
HelloIt depends a lot on what you need, it would be interesting if you share more data such as:- What is the purpose of putting a tag there?, some date, discounts, type of product, etc. There may be several reasons or data.The next thing is, you defi...
Instead of using the file_url filter you could use the file_img_url filter which treats the file as an image, this means you could use size parameters among other filters for images.file_img_url:
Hello everyone, good day. Working with the Dawn theme, I realized that when inserting a section more than once, the CSS code is duplicated. I understand that this happens because the section calls its own CSS and JavaScript.My question is is this a s...
After researching and thanks to your answer, I understand that the billing API cannot be used in a custom app (which is my case), so what would be the way to charge customers?- Is there a way to receive recurring payments?- Is the payment already som...
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