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You should have either a section or snippet with 'header.liquid' (something like this) and then try to find one of the classes with CTRL + F: header header--top-center header--mobile-center page-width header--has-menu (try to find one of these).Unfor...
If you are not a Shopify Plus merchant, you won't be able to access the checkout.liquid file so it should happen at the cart level instead.If you are a Shopify Plus then you can use the new checkout extension feature OR do it with a custom JS functio...
The reply given by FlareAI is a bit of a copy paste even though it is true.You can directly impact your speed and start by going in the Theme.liquid and check what is in the <header>.Any code in this part should be critical (as it blocks the renderin...
Try to locate the header section/snippet in your code and remove these 2 SVG: You can now write directly in the <span> tag the word you want: It will looks like this:  
Locate the class: .grid-item .product-inner .product-image .add-to-cartS in your theme_core.css and remove position: absolute 
It is quite technical especially if you don't code.You can call the Shopify API for your stock and create a webhook (you can use Postman - you need to pay a few $ / month to access this) then use this webhook to Zapier to get the results and do your ...
You can implement a JS function that will check if the page returns a 301 error (have a look at this link) and if it's the case then replace the current URL to the new URL you want. 
I'm creating an app (app-embed.liquid) where I want to have the CSS 'styles.css' in another folder: From what I can read, we can achieve so for conditional app blocks but not sure it is working for my case:I added the <link> above and the schema tag....
Thanks a lot, spent 3 hours on this.
Hello team, I'm pretty sure my code is correct but for some reason, it doesn't work in my store (Dawn).As the title said when the customer is in the cart there is a dropdown menu with choices. Once the customer checked out, the customer's choice shou...
Did you try:Settings/General/Store Currency/ HTML with currency: {{amount_no_decimals}} ?
I would like to up this thread, I don't understand why it is not already built in.
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