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It worked after a fix regarding this  Some merchants are encountering error messages while attempting to view sections of the AdminWhat happened?Some merchants are experiencing issues when trying to access the Shopify admin. This is currently known t...
It started to not work for me today
This has happened to me also since the 18th of January
I have tried but no luck ,Its better to just have an external website then subscribe to the cheapest Shopify Plan
It really depends on what theme you are working with It may have a custom way of doing things.You could check your header.liquid or theme.liquid 
after some time I discovered how to settle this basically I will create another modular section that would request for the files that are used  section/slideshow<div class='slideshow'> ... </div> {%shema%} {...} {% endschema %] section/assets<script...
Thank you for the replybut the problem will be if, for example slideshow is not in use, this will then still then request for unused slideshow js and css.  Is there like a command like {% if this has section slideshow %} ... css and js {% endif %} I ...
Hello, I have a question regarding performance,when I saw the Dawn theme it has been requesting this files multiple timeswill this perhaps decrease my website performance.  section/slideshow.liquid{{ 'section-image-banner.css' | asset_url | styleshee...
Thank you for the reply Ill do some hard coding then to help me visualize the pagination nav and replace them after I'm done.
 I tried using official themes and change{% paginate customer.orders by 20 %} to {% paginate customer.orders by 5 %}and still, the pagination nav wont appear. The link works though ( account?page=2)Is this a bug or something
Is it possible to ignore cart contents when buying a product? one solution I thought of is to1. Backup the cart content via web storage2. Empty the cart.3. Redirect to checkout page4. Restore cart in thank you pageI don't like my solution so are ther...
This is not yet supported yet but you can now use product.metafields as a filter parameters 
Thank you for the reply
Should I host my own Javascript {{ "javascript.js" | asset_url }} in my theme or is it better to use the javascript library cdn?
You can listen for the Ajax response then add you custom properties using the change.js 
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