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Hi @Joscha321,If you have any questions, you can contact me, happy to help you
Hi @P1xcreates,Can you send me a clearer screenshot of it? i tried testing and everything is displayed fine
Hi @WaggerzPE,Please send me the store link, I will check it in detail for you
Hi @zied_drira,It will be a complicated request and will require many steps to change it, so I cannot guide you in detail for it.If you want, you can send me a private message about the site link and information, I will check it
Hi @chlee1119,Please send me the site link if possible, I will check it in detail
Hi @zeeek,Can you describe your problem more clearly and send me the site link if possible, I will check it in detail
Hi @Joscha321,Please go to theme.css file and add code bottom:.js-back-to-top { display: none !important; }
Hi @roborob,You just need to add the product handle class to each product item, then you can css it, it will work separately.Which theme are you using? I can help you check it in detail.
Hi @Omguan,Can you resend it? Or I will send you a private message
Hi @Omguan,It will be a more complicated request, because it needs to test with product variants, so it will be difficult for me to guide you in detail for it.If you want to do it, you need to hire experts for it or send me a collaborator invitation,...
Hi @Boliye,#1: For sections: After you add the slideshow section, you need to save it, it will reload the JS and everything works fine. Because the current theme does not support direct display of slideshows when added to customize without saving.#2:...
Hi @Boliye,Can I send you a private message? It will help me describe everything.
Hi @AsiyaM,I don't find the code you added and the sticky button, can you add it and send me the preview link?
Hi @AsiyaM,Can you send me the site link? I will check it in detail
Hi @Boliye,Sorry for the delay, it seems like each home will be supported with a different shop layout. Therefore, to be able to check in more detail, can you send me a collaborator invitation? 
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