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I'm creating a post-purchase-ui extension following the tutorial on shopify, and when I add the hook useExtensionInput() to the APP() component to render my ui, this error pops up. It seems like its related to not having "context" but I'm not 100% su...
Looks like I just had to restart the app server and extension server and everything is working properly.
I'm working on making a post-checkout-ui extension and running into an annoying work flow while developing. When trying to make the layout and design, every time I make change and need to save and test, I have to re-enter all the information and go t...
I'm also experiencing this. I was following along with the QRCode example and noticed this when I was editing the index page. Even when I go back to the original file with no edits, the error persists.
I'm trying to setup customer creation using my headless next.js site. I have a private app in shopify and I have an access token created, however this screenshot is just in the backend of the shopify dashboard that I'm struggling with. Each time it g...
Finally figured it out - shopify is sensitive. It wouldn't let me have any specific css attributes in the @font other than the url and font family. Thanks @AdamSmith12 for trying to help!Incase anyone else runs into this issue here is the final code ...
Hi AdamSmith12,Thanks for the help, but removing the quotes still doesn't make the font work in Safari.
Hi!I've read a lot of the support answers for this topic and none of the solutions seem to help me. I'm trying to add a custom font, here is my code:@font-face { font-family: "Sentinel SemiboldItal"; font-style: italic; font-weight: 500; font...
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