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I found a solution - there is an app called hextom bulk edit and it allows you to rename files in bulk 
No, it wasnt.I use a great app on a few stores called boxify.You set the product dimension for the product and you provide it the box sizes and it calculates how many boxes the order needs.The only thing is you need to connect it to a ups account and...
I love the idea of a stripe terminal did you get this to work?
Any luck in finding a solution?
Is there an app or feature that allows a customer to return items from a few orders In the past 180 days?It should basically allow 5 items from one order and 4 items from another order to be combined and shipped back together. The feature is similar ...
If you have a better workaround please let me know.Right now I set up an app that allows rates based on size, so the customer is paying the UPS rate with a discount and we are just purchasing a label on shopify. 
No, they say it needs to be automatic. 
Yes, its needs to be an automatic discount, and then it will work on pos. 
They didn't change anything.It's crazy how something so so simple is so complex.I recently used a third-party app, but its super annoying since you need to pay extra. 
But then you cant use the shopify rates or endicia is that correct?
Anyone having this issue on pos where the buy x get y discount is not working when adding it by codes? It’s available on the pos channel but it says not valid.
Did you find a good solution? 
Is there an app that you can recommend that will take inventory from two products and combine it into one? For example if its a Sock that comes in a lot of colors and you can also add a decal to it. I need stock to come from the sock and also from th...
Thanks, This is a very good app;)
HI, Unfortunately, I didn't.
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