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Hello,I've asked about it today and was told that "Thanks for your time today and to answer it Shopify's native functionality does not support adding order numbers to bank deposit descriptions automatically. The bank deposit description is typically ...
Hi, if you want to hide the Decline button for some reason, you can use custom CSS to hide it#shopify-pc__banner__btn-decline {display: none !important;}You can add this CSS code to your theme's CSS file or through the Shopify theme editor. This will...
Hi @pokepopspot,Hi, I was facing the same issue as you described. I just wasn't able to find the texts in Translate & Adapt.I went to Settings / Languages and exported all the texts (in my case only for one language I wanted to do at this point, but ...
At the end I used a free App Consentmo GDPR - there is just a very simple thing that has to be added in to the code. https://apps.shopify.com/gdpr-backpack
I have to apologize - I received an update from Support:To start, I can acknowledge that Shopify does not yet support Google Consent Mode v2 for Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics integrations. We are unable to state if and when Shopify will inc...
Shopify Support:The default Shopify Cookie banner should be sufficient for implementing the Google Consent Mode V2. Merchants can use the default banner without needing to use a different one.What you need to do is to update the script you are usingD...
Ah yes, you are right. I've only changed the sign but the ammount stayed in the other currency.When using Shopify Payments everything is fine, only those manual methods are shown in the store currency and not market currency  Hope they do something ...
Well I need to change the EUR sign to PLN and this changed only the TOTAL value sign, but the EURO sign is still visible on 4 other places.  
I'm thinking of changing the money_with_currency in the notification template to WITHOUT using the Translate and addapt app<td class="subtotal-line__value"><strong>{{ total_price | money_without_currency }}€ (or EUR)</strong>
Hi @AndyFromPoets , where you able to resolve it?I'm having the same problem - having all currencies set up for each market, but email always have Euro's instead of local currencies
Hi, you don't have to create new template for each product IMHO. You could just kinda "group" them to have for example 5-10 product on one template , another 5-10 prods on other etc.This shouldn't slow you down really
Hello, wouldn't it be the easiest to create a bundle with the Shopify app?You will create a bundle and add those two products to it.If the bundle is sold, the inventory is updated for both the products.https://apps.shopify.com/shopify-bundles
Hello, I've had the same issue on Firefox and I was able to resolve it by adding https://productreviews.shopifyapps.com/ as a allowed exception underPrivacy & Security / Cookies and Site Data and it works.CHROME:chrome://settings/cookies Scroll down ...
Hi,try this if possible:- Go to /admin/marketing- find the correct FLOW for the Email you would like to edit and go to the LAST step- you should be able to EDIT the email there Let me know if it worked for you. 
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