Hi, this is my store over here: https://discgolfdealsusa.com How do I add background colors behind the collection names down the homepage? I want a background color with a full width bar across the ...
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Yes, not every product has those metafields so they do not show when they do not exist in the product. There must be a way to do it that the styling of these tables only applies to these ones where I put the code?
Thank you! Why do some products not have the border? Is there a way to edit the table settings just for this one set of tables? Create a class for them or something. 
sent a DM with a preview link on a message to you
Hello, below is my code. Shopify automatically is adding a border between each of the <td>. I only want a border around the outside. Why would this be happening? Code below and end result after metafields are pulled is in the screenshot below. I also...
I don't want to make a change to one link. I want ALL links to be changed to be blue in blog posts like these. Not specific ones. I know how to change html for one blog. I need to make system wide changes to the theme. Does that make sense? 
No. This is nothing to do with any of the menu links. This is to change the color of the hyperlinks within the blog posts. If you go into the most recent blog post, you will see that there are hyperlinks on text within that content and it's those one...
I am looking to change the color of the hyperlink inside blog posts & pages. I don't want to change the link color of headers, menu items etc.
How do I change the color of my link text color, particularly for the blog posts with lots of hyperlinks, how do I get those to show as a different color, without changing the header color as well? This seems to be an issue with Shopify Debut Theme, ...
Hi @Morek, here is a link to an example: ESP Undertakeryou will see that the variants that are out of stock do not show in the variant list, but then the images of those variants still reflect. How can I hide those images that are attached/assigned t...
How do I hide variant images when they are out of stock?I have hidden variants from the dropdown when they are out of stock, but how do I hide images that are assigned to those variants?Thanks in advance!
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