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Why does this have to need custom code, why not just a "Draft" button?
Upvote from me too, this is such a basic feature I can't understand why it's not already active "without" a plugin
Would it be possible to add a save function for entering a tracking number in the iOS app? We have post barcode labels which we attach to parcels and these parcels are not sent at the same time as packaging, it would be definitely helpful if we could...
Hello Could you inform of the reason why the Barcode is not included in the API, it seems like the only value not included of which I could really use. Is there some technical reason?
Yes for me too, this should be there on day one without the need for another app!
Hello all,Somebody's already asked about this but didn't get a solution, so I'd like to ask again.Should a customer have a discount code it is added to the subtotal BEFORE the free shipping limit, depending on both values the customer can then miss o...
Now it's back thanks anyway
Hello, The front end is working, but I can't log in to the admin back end. There was a problem loading this websiteTry refreshing the page.If the site still doesn't load, please try again in a few minutes. and I can't contact support because when I t...
Hello,  We would like to offer two types of Compare at Price conditions one as "On Sale" and the other with cosmetic products over the sell by date "Zero Waste". As there is only one type of Compare at Price I thought to use another condition for tag...
Any chance someone could give some advice? Thanks
Hello, I first asked for help on the Technical Q&A board but didn't receive a reply. Which I now see was the wrong place, maybe somebody here could help? We are working with another separate company who also has a Shopify store, where we drop ship ce...
Hello, We are working with another separate company who also has a Shopify store, where we drop ship certain products of ours to their customers.The orders arrive via email from the company not customer. So to streamline and avoid errors (not seeing ...
Thanks Marty, Would you know of a preference to switch this permanently switch this off, as we get an alert in the Shopify Chat app?  RegardsIan
Hey Marty, Thanks for offering some assistance, We're using the "Prestige" theme and I don't see the (1) anywhere else on the store nor in the announcement bar.Plus we don't really have any main third party apps installed.Yes thanks, here's the store...
Hello,I have (1) at the beginning of the Homepage Title which is definitely not in the Preference settings, anyone have an idea on where it could come from please?ThanksIan  
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