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Hi Sarah, This is a question I have been trying to answer for my store for a couple years now.  I get very few return requests, which is great.  However, for this reason, when I do this problem comes up and remains unresolved.  I've had one client se...
I have used this "solution" but it is far from perfect.  I had a customer send back $300+ of merchandise that got lost because he copied the address wrong.  I never saw that or had access to the carrier insurance because I am not the sender.  I have ...
I have been asked to sign a "Covered Telecommunication Equipment or Service-Representation" by a prospective client.  This document is an affirmation that our business is not  "using telecommunications equipment, systems, or services produced by Huaw...
I think this is the link mentioned by Iris.  It worked for me!!
Thanks Iris,   Could you provide a link to the tutorial you mention?
This looks like just what I need.  I want clients to acknowledge that their order will ship on a later date due to our teams vacation time (office closure).  I am not clear on where to insert this code however.  Could you add some details on that?
Paywalls abound!  Thanks for your reply!
I feel that being able to limit the maximum amount of a percentage discount is absolutely necessary.  A store with both inexpensive and expensive products would not want to use a percentage discount when this could mean discounting a few dollars to a...
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