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Hi there, I am also facing the same issue when trying to install shopify-cli on my linux environment hosted on digitalocean. Please help me. 
Hello @L4webdesign  I'm telling you what  i do.I update the app-bridge version to 2.0 from .Update app-bridge and app-bridge-react to latest version in your project by npm. After all this, my ap...
<Banner onDismiss={() => {}}><p>Use your finance report to get detailed information about your business.{' '}<Link url="">Let us know what you think</Link></p></Banner> How to hide or dismisible the banner?
hello @hassantariq I solved the cookies problem in my Shopify reactJs application. I use Reactjs for it.Btw, I added shoporigin and host in every routes of application, so that i can get required shoporigin and host parameters without saving them in ...
Thank you @Bunty  So, I can update listing content from partner dashboard. but if updated listing content does not comply with shopify app requirements then what happens?
Hello, I have a very small query raised after my app approved by Shopify.How can I able to update the listing content, like change app description, update key features, add new screenshot or remove old one.How I can add new payment plan for my app. P...
Hello guys,Hope you all are fine. I have a query regarding the shopify app-bridge. as i am developing a app and submitted to shopify for the approval. They said something like this:"Your version of app bridge is not up to date, ensure that your app i...
hello @Michal17 , it's been great pleasure for your answer, but I think I did not elaborate my issue correctly. let me try once again,I'm developing a shopify app in react and Symfony (php) in backend.Let assume i had 2 pages in my app, Dashboard pag...
hello @Michael_Ragalie Yes, it will be working when app is loaded first time. but when I redirect to another page and then reload the iframe, at that time, shopify did not provides the shop or host key in the url. and Here issue arises. app bridge th...
shopify app bridge react library needs shoporigin for working. but how i can store that value if third cookies is blocked in chrome.i created a http only cookie for store shoporigin, it is working in normal mode but not working in incognito mode due ...
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