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Hi there My English is not good because Japanese people use translation to post this. Sorry. I would like to display Narrative theme's collection view with two columns for smartphones only, how ca...
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同様のトピックが見つからなかったため、ポストさせていただきます。 弊社で運営しているShopifyストアでは印刷サービスを提供しており、ユーザーから注文をいただいた後に印刷データの確認&入金完了の確認が完了したタイミングから納期計算を行なっております。確認完了のタイミングから下記の営業日計算を行なって納期確定のご連絡をメールで差し上げたいのですが、ご連絡メール自体のワンクリック送信ができないか調べております。 印刷A:3営業日印刷B:10営業日※AとBが混在する場合は遅い方の納期を適用。 イメー...
pristigeテーマを使用しています。ストア全体を通して、0円の商品の価格表示を非表示にしたいのですがやり方がわからず。。ご存知の方がいらっしゃいましたら教えていただけないでしょうか? ーー I am using the pristige theme.I would like to hide the prices of the 0 yen items throughout the store, but I don't know how to do it.If anyone knows how ...
  The domain page does not show the comment you mentioned.I will send you a capture.
Hello. - Hello.I'm using a translation, so I'm sorry if some parts are hard to understand.I got a new domain and even connected the domain, but when I try to set it up on my primary domain, I get a server error, do you know how to solve this problem?...
Thank you very much for your help.I am using an application called "Order Printer" and I was creating a delivery note.In the following quote, there is a total in the middle, but there is a fixed price in the table.In the quote below, it says "合計" in ...
お世話になっております。Order Printerというアプリを使用しており、納品書の作成をしていたのですが割引前の小計のタグがわからず質問させていただきます。 以下引用の中で、中盤に合計とありますがテーブル内に定価の合計を表示したかったのですがうまく実装できませんでした。どなたか知恵を貸していただけないでしょうか? <p style="float: right; text-align: right; margin: 0;">{{ created_at | date: "%Y/%m/%d" }}...
Hello.I am thinking of migrating from Wordpress to Shopify.I'm currently using Wordpress (dond.jp), which has a header menu and a side menu that users are used to.The Shopify (https://e1print.dond.jp/) "debut" theme I'm using now has only a header me...
 This is the URL of the site.I want to make this side menu item an image link.https://anzenyouhin.com/
I haven't created a store yet, so I don't have a URL.I was thinking of using the "Simple" theme as long as I can display imagelinks in the sidebar.The sample image was captured from here. (This is not Shopify).http://www.anzen-san.com##- Please type ...
I'm in the process of customizing my new store.Is there any way to display the link image in the sidebar of the Simple theme, but not the text?I'd like to know how to do this without using an app, and how to do it with an app.I will send you the fini...
I'll send you a screenshot so you can check it out. 
Adding it did not fix the problem.Pinching creates space.
I added it, but it didn't work.No change at all.
When I pinch on a product page, there is a space on the right side.Is there any way to fix this?https://photopri.com/products/epson-prophotopaper-kinumeI'm using Safari on my iPhone 12, and I've updated to the latest version. 
Thank you for your reply.Is it difficult to solve either one of these problems in this community?
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