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Hello @Paulodezine  Try this  {% assign postLimit = 0 %} {%- for article in blog.articles limit: item.limit -%} {%- if article.url != blog.url and postLimit < item.limit -%} YOUR STUFF {% assign postLimit = postLimit | plus: 1 %} {%- endi...
Could you please send me the collection link which collection this product call because you have lots of products.
Hello @Naughty666  It's take time to customization. 
Yes its is possible you can upload image png format then add background color gray 
Hello @Naughty666 , You need to style on your login page using CSS
Hello @Dekanten ,   On this section your image JPG format with white background.
{% assign myMetaobject = page.metafields.custom.example.value %}use this for single
Hello, import { authenticate } from "../shopify.server";import prisma  from '../db.server';export async function loader({ request, params }) {  try {    const shopy = await authenticate.public.appProxy(request);    const allModels = await prisma.sess...
You want create your own, If you want to save data to shopfiy you must create shopify custom app using shopify mutation, or if you want to send the your form field third party so using javascript form submit.
Hello, why you not use this app this is shopify free app https://apps.shopify.com/shopify-forms
Hello @xnyjyh , But why are you replacing? can you exaplain please.
Hello,  I figure out The issue is that header__heading this class is not coming on inner pages.
Hello @seunoyebode , I using this public proxy App proxy (shopify.dev)
Go to theme storeEdit code current themeSearch header.liquid fileThen search in this file cart.
code Is already there can you please check on header file may is hide.
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