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I am very annoyed with how this has been going. For several months, I have been able to upload USDZ digital models of my products with no problems. Then, all of a sudden, when I upload them in the Shopify product editor, the edges of the images becom...
I don't have all of my products prepackaged. It would be great to have my different variant inventories in sync so that when i sell a 10ct of gummies, that subtracts from the total amount of gummies which will reduce the inventory for the 25ct and 50...
Yep, that worked too! you are forever appreciated! Problem is solved 100%.
Thank you for that. The only problem now is that the logo is not centered in the middle. Is there a fix for that too?
Why is this happening on mobile? I did not change my code for my header. This is really annoying. The hamburger icon was always on the left for small windows and mobile. How do I fix this?   
I agree, this is a fixable issue that we should not have to deal with on Shopify.  Your shipping profiles are quite useless if shipping per item is forced.  FIX THIS PLEASE SHOPIFY!
I have a hemp store on Shopify and certain hemp products are banned in certain states.  In order to protect my business and patrons, I made shipping profile for the differing legalities.  Now my checkout is charging shipping per item instead of on th...
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