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Has anybody found a simple app for managing incoming purchases or other than the basic built in Shopify functionality? I'm looking for something that will monitor incoming tracking numbers so we can have visibility of expected incoming stock. You can...
I created a metafield that I want to use to enter pre-order estimated arrival dates.  Not all products are pre-orders though, and I do not want the meta field to display on those products.  Is there a way to set a metafield to only display on certain...
I need the ability to manage release date changes that automatically email customers when I change them.  I also need it to be able to work with a variant option app. Lastly, I need topping to automatically integrate with the all upon theme changes.
Hello, my store is very pre-order heavy and none of the current apps in the App Store have all the features I need. (I’ve tried them ALL!).  I’m currently using Globo Preorder as it has most of what I need.  I was wondering if anyone had recommendati...
Hi all,I am trying to understand the fees involved in PayPal transactions on the basic plan.  When I look in PayPal, I can see Paypal takes their fee (which I think is 3% + .30), but does Shopify charge a fee on top of the Shopify fee?  If so, where ...
Hello, I am pretty obsessive when it comes to bookkeeping and I just can't wrap my head around the transaction fee and where it should be accounted for.  When I look at net sales on the finance summary report, does that include the fees being taken o...
I think you get the general gist.  Basically, in my business, products get added for preorder daily.  Customers pay upfront for everything.  Now, if a new product comes out a day later that they also want, they will have to pay shipping again or cont...
Did you ever find a solution to this?  I am in the same situation as you.  Hit me up, maybe we can find a work around if we brainstorm.
I’m looking for an app or other solution to allow my customers to select a “hold for later” option at checkout instead of paying for shipping right away. This would allow them to combine multiple purchases over the month and save in shipping. 
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