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Hi all. Our Shopify store has been live for a couple of years now and is continually being updated and (hopefully) improved. Shopify has been a successful platform for us with aroun...
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Hi @oscprofessional Yes, I know there is a search box in the pull-out menu. I would like to also add a search icon to the header to make it as easy to find as possible. I have temporarily removed the icon shown in the pictures in my original post, be...
Hi, URL is snack-box.co.ukThanks, Will.
Hi, I just added a 'search' icon next to the 'cart' icon on my header on mobile view like this:It looks great on iPhone, but unfortunately on other devices, such as Google Pixel Phone it looks like this: Can anyone suggest away I can force the header...
Hi @dmwwebartisan Thank you for sharing the helpful article. The code in the article seems to be exactly what I have already implemented. The problem is the site 'jumps' while the top padding is loading. Are you able to advise on how I could fix this...
In case anyone is looking for a solution to this, I worked it out. Just add the following code to your header.liquid file right below <div class="site-nav--mobile text-right"><a href="{{ routes.search_url }}" class="site-nav__link site-nav__link--ico...
Hi @dmwwebartisan Did you manage to take a look at this? Thanks in advance, Will. 
Theme ZIP attached.  Will. 
Fantastic. Thanks for the helpful share. I will try implementing this code instead of what I already have in place and see if it helps. 
Hi, My store www.snack-box.co.uk is using a sticky header which adapts really well to the size of the header, regardless of the device or screen size using code from a tutorial I found here:https://ecomexperts.io/blogs/liquid-tutorial-shopify/free-di...
Hi dmwwebartisan,It's www.snack-box.co.uk Thanks, Will. 
I've trawled the community posts and can't see a solution for this. Apologies if this is already covered. On desktop and mobile landscape, my site shows three icons to the right of the logo - Login, Search, Cart. On mobile portrait, it only shows the...
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