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Hello everyone, today I'm using Shopify Markets and have 9 domains connected to 9 different locations. I have some questions regarding domains and best practices. I've noticed that if I add "" as an example, gets added along wi...
Hello! Today, we have a Shopify store that sells in multiple languages, making it a multilingual store. My question is, where are the actual translations stored when you have multiple languages for a product? We would like to export, let's say, produ...
Thank you Suyash1, that worked! I just have another issue, now I have 2 "- -", instead of 1 which is normal. Do you know how I can remove one of the "-" too?  
Hello, Can anyone guide me on how to remove the size chart from my product page? The theme is Streamline. See the photo for reference. The name is: class="icon icon-size-chart" 
Yes, I am aware of that. However, since this is a newly established store, I am not eligible for Shopify Plus.  
 Hi there, I'm seeking assistance from someone with higher-level access on Shopify. My developer and I have just completed my store, but we noticed a checkout box for subscriptions at the end of the checkout page during the final testing phase. I con...
Hello, The box is still here, but you need to checkout with a subscription to see it. It won't show up if you buy a "one time" product. 
I've installed the Recharge app to manage my subscriptions, but there's a checkout box and some additional information showing up during the checkout process. I've reached out to Recharge to have this removed, and they've checked with their developer...
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