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Hello team, We found this bug in our payment-customization function, and can be reproduced for most of the time:1. in payment function, we are reading the cart attribute: query Input { cart { sample_attr: attribute(key: "sample_attr") { ...
Good day, we want to build a app to enhance the checkout experience. The question is:If our payment function will return only one payment option, is it still possible for bad actors to pay for the order using another payment option that they know exi...
Hey Shopify team and community! @Shopify We are a fraud and bot analytics app and in order to better analyze bots we need to be able to inject the <noscript> tag into the Shopify Theme of the shops that installed our app. What is the most effective w...
Did you get an answer, as I am looking for the same thing?
Thank you both so much - we are investigating this now!
We have updated our permissions to add a new feature to our customers and I saw there is no way for customers to update and accept the new permissions. Is the only possible way to uninstall the App then re-install it?
I am using Shopify version 2021-10All good in GraphQL app but programmatically gives this error
 I get the following error:"Queries that contain a connection field within a list field are not currently supported." Same issue I fixed some mentioned fields but same error occurring, please help :))   { orders(first: 1) { edges { node {...
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