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Hey Bashir! I'd be happy to help but keep in mind I'm a novice here and mostly tweaking my code like everyone else is. Can you please link your website and can you take a screenshot of the same code that I showed above? Once you have a working hyperl...
Hello! This solution wasn't working for me so I wanted to offer one that I had found elsewhere. I had to tweak it a bit to work with me since it was a bit outdated. I'm a novice coder so take it for what it's worth... but it works. Open the slideshow...
Yes! Sorry I was not specific before but you want to add this CSS code to the bottom of your Theme.CSS file in Assets.I hope that works for you  Good luck!
Hello! This is way too long of a reply to provide here so I will be giving you a link to my blog post I made for others... Please keep in mind I am a novice coder but make things work for my website. Hope this helps you!Click here for the tutorial on...
Happy to help! ^_^
Hey all ~ this has been the most helpful post for me and my debut theme. I was able to get mine to look the way I wanted to using the code supplied here. I'll refine it more in the future... but I at least have my starting point.DISCLAIMER: I am a no...
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