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Typical Shopify, I will update this thread if I find any solution.  -Max
Thank you Pinkcherry! Yes, we have conversion tracking working now, but we have yet to get the customer reviews widget working. I'm wondering if this is a script that can be entered within 'Customer Events?' 
Hello, wondering if anybody has had any luck adding the Google Customer Reviews Opt-In Module after switching to the new checkout extensibility thank you page. If anybody has any insight, that would be appreciated.   
Is it possible to remove them on the Cart page? Rather than using a Checkout UI extension? 
Hi Wearebandb, what was your solution to getting it to attribute to the proper campaign? I'm having troubles with this at the moment. 
Interestingly, the UET tag tracks the custom event saying 'purchase', but says there is an error and the Microsoft dashboard never tracks it. Very weird. 
Hi Jyaylor, do you know how long it takes for Microsoft to update the dashboard? I see the events firing in the UET tag section within Microsoft, but it shows no conversions on the dashboard. I've followed all instructions
In addition, I've attempted to add the pixel tracking via Shopify's custom pixels, and it works for my add to cart event, but not my purchase events.   // Step 1. Initialize the JavaScript pixel SDK (make sure to exclude HTML) !function(e,t,n,s,u,a){...
Hello. I'm trying to get a post-purchase pixel working to track purchase events using the Twitter Pixel. I've added the following script to the post-purchase script section in Shopify (we have not upgraded to checkout extensibility).    <script type=...
Hi Paul, Last time I tried the flow editor wouldn't allow me to select fields that were depreciated. EDIT: Now I can use them, thank's for the answer @paul_n 
The last few times I've tried to work with the customer object in an attempt to build a conditional rule, I've noticed several of the values I need are now depreciated and don't have their new counterparts available. totalSpent is depreciated and the...
I'm going to bump this. We've seen an influx of customers who've placed an order with us and think they have an account but don't. The liquid error handling has no way of letting us handle this issue on the login form. So our customers go through an ...
You are correct. The limit is still 16 blocks per section, and templates are limited to 20 sections per template. There was a limit, but it was around 250 or so – which is far more reasonable.
Just discovered there's no trigger for an updated order on Shopify Flow. I'm looking to use this to automate tasks after a customer's order is updated.
Noticed an issue where the preload_tag filter doesn't output anything but the URL (missing the rest of the tag) Expected Output:   <link href="//
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