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I want to export who disabled the gift card. I didn't find any way to do that. Is there a way to add another column with the field "Disabled gift card by"?
Hi. I'm getting the perfect quantity of product variants. But there are some products where I'm getting 0 instead of a quantity of a variant and those products have 1 product in committed and  5 products in available state. It's working fine before t...
Hi. It is possible to allow users to select a free gift if the cart value is more than $100 on a cart page? Thanks in advance. 
So now you have to add all the script and css in the checkout.liquid file. You don't need to create another file for css or script. 
Hi. I want to do customization on checkout. I'm on Shopify plus and still, i'm not able to add some CSS.I created checkout.scss, checkout.scss.liquid and checkout.css. when i try to modify breadcrumbs it shows nothing. It would be great if Shopify su...
Hi. I want to show 1st slider as 80% and the second slider as 20% but group cell 80% is not working. Is there any way to do this with flickity slider on a product page?I used groupCell:2 but it shows half slides. which file needs to edit?
Thank you so much. Have a great day. 
Glad you found it. Best of luck 
Hi. Is it possible to add a product as a variant in another product?Suppose we a shoe with three different colors (red, black and blue). But when we click on the red shoe variant it will open the red color shoe product.So basically i want to add a pr...
Hi Zain, Hope you're doing well. Please share your store URL so we can view it. Have a great day. 
when i try to read values from the categoryNames, it returns nothing. I don't know why it's empty. 
I'm trying to add categories to the blocks and then want to retrieve unique categories(not repetitive categories). Using concat but it's not working and i don't know how to achieve it. Below is my code and please help me out:   {% assign categoryN...
Hi Diego,Thanks for responding and giving me your time. Well, I'm a developer butneed your guidance if you can do that then that would be great. It can be asmall tutorial or anything else.Kind regards,Arslan
Hi. I just want to add more fields to the testimonial slider in the debut theme. Like currently, we have four fields image, text, author name, and social media profile.But i want to add one or two more fields like author role/designation and companyA...
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