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Is this possible to do? I’ve been looking into Wordpress recently since I know it’s possible there, but I’d love to stay on Shopify if possible. basically, I want it so a customer purchase a product, they get an email with download links and a softwa...
I believe im still not on os 2.0, there is an update for my theme to 2.0 but Ive done so much customization to my current theme it seems like itd be starting all over again
I keep trying to figure out how to add the slideshow into my product pages, but im getting stumped as I cant use blocks in my schema of the product page, so copying the code is not quite that simple. Im using the Modular theme. 
I tried setting the class as "lazyload" but soundcloud players are really slowing down my product pages. With them I get about a 40/100 and without about a 50/100. I definitely need more optimizing in general, but soundcloud right now is the biggest ...
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