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I imagine they have stopped updating the android app as they want the new POS Go terminal to replace it. So may have stopped developing it. As then they can sell more POS Go devices and focus on that instead. 
Have you tried using with an Ethernet cable instead of wifi? Not sure if that will improve reliability. 
Hi yes I am having the same exact issue. Then we are having trouble getting it to reconnect. Sometimes it works after forgetting it and restarting but then others just gets stuck on the connecting screen. Hopefully there will be an update soon to fix...
Hi, I have this issue now as well. I didn’t have it before in March when other experienced it. Just over the past few days we have been experiencing it. We disconnect reconnect it multiple times and then eventually after resetting it it comes back on...
Hi, I am also experiencing the same issue with both of my Shopify stores. I have contacted support and they are looking into it for me. So it may be a global issue with Shopify. Will let you know if I get a solution from them. 
Hi, did anyone ever manage to help you with this topic? I am currently having the same issue and have spoken with them both but haven't got anywhere. 
Yes I noticed the tiles. I wish there was an option to customise the size of them.  I have also had the same issue with the counting tool nothing happens when you click enter. You have to manually scroll to the next amount. Another thing we have had ...
Glad to hear we are not alone. I messaged shopify support who then said they would email the development team and let me know. But that was on Saturday and still waiting.  I have managed to figure out what the issue is. Its to do with the wise pad ca...
Hi, has anyone else just updated to the new Shopify POS app version 7.0.1 and having any new issues? Since updating when we take a cash sale we are having issues where it would say Payment cancelled by customer (see photo attached). This is just afte...
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