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Hi, @alidonkaka  This option is still available in our reporting tool:You can exclude archived products from the Inventory On Hand report provided by the Advanced Reports application literally in two clicks. We are on the Shopify Apps Store:https://a...
Hi, Thank you so much for contacting me!The needed report has been created especially for you on your store by our team I hope it is exactly what are you looking for!
Hey, Roshan Denis from Mipler: Custom reports here.We use the data provided by Shopify since we are able to extract taxes, subtotals, and totals of the refunded item, then we can use these values in our reports.Source: https://shopify.dev/api/admin-r...
Hi, @Debushka  As it was clarified by our colleagues @Report-Pundit , probably issue related to the timzones. You can easily check it with our Mipler: Advanced Reports. We have a built-in report by payouts and even can clarify what exact orders are i...
Hi, @RukaB  It is possible to do with our Advanced Reports app. Please feel free to contact me for details, I will be glad to assist you with our app. Thanks!
Hi, @TheCCT  It is possible to do with the Sales by the Variant report provided by the Advanced Reports application: Please feel free to contact me via chat in our app or just mail me at support@omegacommerce.com 
Hi, @Conversionss  It is possible to do with the Sales by Product report provided by the Advanced Reports app: Feel free to contact me via chat in our app or via sending mail to support@omegacommerce.com
Hi, @asitmi Our Advanced Reports app has built-in report Sales by Variant which includes sizes and colors. Also it is possible to create custom reports based on the product tags.
Hi, @Abbyabraxas  Denis from Advanced Reports is here.It is possible to do with our app.  You need just to apply filters like "Orders Taxes = 0" to see all Non-Taxable items with the related values.Please check the screenshot from my demo store, it i...
Hi, @jivjiv Denis from Advanced Reports is here.Right now it is possible to get the needed report by adding custom columns (it will take no more than 5 minutes).Also, we are preparing reports "Sales by UTM Campaign", "Sales by UTM Source" and "Sales ...
Hi, @Patrick_Laderou  Denis from Advanced Reports is here.You can get the needed report using our application.The screenshot contains sample data and has been made using my testing store (screenshot is clickable): 
Hi, @CrazyCritters  Denis from Advanced Reports is here.It is possible to achieve your requirements with our Sales by Product or Sales by the Variant report but with the applied filter to include only unfulfilled orders.The report looks like this, it...
 Hey, @Bryndon It is possible to exclude the State using  Advanced Reports app: 
It seems that it is tracking just only clicks and not completed installs, unfortunately.
Hey, @Mihail_Shamrin You can find this information in the Google Analytics > Acquisition >  All Traffic > Channels:  Just click on the social channel to get more details. It is not exactly what are you asked about as there only goals from the social ...
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