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Yes, I m glad to help. Let me know what exactly you want to automate in your store.
To offer free shipping and remove the shipping method section from the checkout on your Shopify store, you can follow these steps:1. Login to your Shopify admin panel.2. Go to "Settings" and select "Shipping and delivery".3. In the "Shipping rates" s...
I totally understand your feelings. Offline customers have higher value as they have shown interest in purchasing your products. Turning them into your online management pool would be of long-term value to your business.  I wonder if you are willingi...
Hello Summer, Nice to meet you. This is Sandy from ShopFlex Automation. Please correct me if I m wrong. These 2 workflows that you want to set up: 1. Automatically adds a tag to any new customer created in Shopify POS2. Trigger the Omnisend Welcome f...
Hello Nathan, This is Sandy from ShopFlex Automation. Would you mind to share more what workflow would you like to set?
Hello William,  Sandy from ShopFlex Automation. May I know what kind of workflows are you looking for? Anything related to marketing, inventory, shipping, fulfillment, customer service, CRM, product page updates, user journey, auto tag, dispute charg...
 Hello Charles, Seems you have solved your problem. I would like to share one more workflow with you and see if it can help in the future. Update Shipping Carriers by Countries or Tracking Number You may refer to this:
Hello Kim, We have launched an automation app lately and I guess we can help you. I wonder how you generate the order's packaging slips? With any tools?  And the rest part we can prefectly done. If. you have more idea on building automation workflow,...
Hello TIA, We are working an automation tool and we can prefectly solve your problem.Please check this workflow out and you can start to use it by connecting your store.  This is totally free before you have ...
Hello WLE, Please correct me if I m wrong. You wanna add a tag to the existing customers or subscribers  who are interested in your freebie course so they can auto receive your marketing automation flow.I would suggest to use our tool. 1. Use the for...
Hello Frann, You can use ShopFlex to solve your problems.  You can directly use the template below to retrive the new customers. Happy to help if you have more questions regarding automation workflo...
Hello there, I have a way to solve your problem which is free. 1. Use this template to save your contacts to Google Sheets.  2. Sync the contacts to Google contacts with the add-on.https://workspace...
Attached an video to show how it works.
Hello there, Wonder if you would like to give a try of our tool. You can segment the customer by their spending amount, purchase products or any specific tag. And then you can automatically send them to specific email ...
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