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Is there any theme that supports this? I'm using Debutify at the moment. What is the workaround to this? I'm So stressed, it almost feels like the mistake to go with shopify. 
Can I somehow add an option for requesting a free/paid fabric sample below the product? I would like to let my customers buy a sample of the fabric. Maybe a quarter meter of the said fabric to see if they like it before they buy it. How can i add tha...
I can only seem to sell fabrics by the meter starting from 1 meter,2 meters, 3 meters etc. I want to give them a choice of buying from 0.25m and the 0.50m, 0.75m etc. Nobody wants to just buy more fabrics than they need for a project. Its odd that su...
Hi,Thanks for your reply, what kind of details would you like? 
Hi, I just started a small online fabric store, added products on my store. But when I go to the product preview page I can not see the quantity.All I see is the option to add the product to my cart that's all. I need my customers to be able to selec...
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