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Shortly after I posted my response - I did the same thing you just posted and it works just fine, but I didn't come back and post my solution. 
Did you ever get this to work?
Figured it out! I didn't use the comma mentioned below by @G-L because when I did, the return tags that were placed included other vendors that were not part of the order. Let me know if you want me to do a step-by-step for you.
Here is a screenshot of the issue:
There is an issue where somehow extra zeros are being populated at the beginning of the UPC/Barcode sent from Shopify to Google Merchant center. Does anyone have any history with this?
@stellalee I am interested in how the Discounts affect the Customer Record in the first place. What fields do discounts interact with? I have perused the DEV GraphQ site, and there doesn't seem to be anything within the Customer Object denoting "disc...
Far from complete... But it's a start... This works fine as long as the entire ecosystem of Shopify is involved. Once you provide any third-party integration into the system - it fails. So if you are using a Rewards Program, Incentive Program, or any...
Can we add filters when setting up Shipping Profiles, please? The functionality already exists in the main Admin for viewing products, so why can't that be ported into this sub area? Case: When a store has a variety of products like hats, shirts, acc...
Figured it out. It was more my problem than the theme. Sometimes I make the problem more complex than it actually is... 
That is a great start! Now I just need to figure out how to drill that "product_title" down to the variant level to determine which variant(s) are better sellers than others!
Recently my variants are not displaying even though they are in stock. It appears to be some glitch in the conditional logic - but since the theme was created by a third party I can't find where it's broken. Any ideas where to start looking?
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