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Try changingonclick="document.querySelector('[data-testid]').click();to onclick="document.querySelector('[data-testid=sheet-open-button]').click();"  But like I said before, I would try to figure out who is responsible in hiding the shopify buy butto...
Theme code hides the original shopify's buy buttons section. And the payment button you are seeing is the element with a "onclick="document.querySelector('[data-testid]').click();" event listener defined. The intent of the listener function seems to ...
No new reply from Shopify yet. But I think they fixed the issue. I see it working correctly and without errors now
Yes, the accept/decline button is broken at the moment (we noticed this morning, but I think it started yesterday evening based on our analytics data). Some more details here, but the gist is that Shopify is working on fixing it but don't know when i...
Got an update from Shopify support: said they are working on it but don't have a timeline when this will get fixed
Thanks, I also raised this with them and they said are investigating and come back to me in a couple of hours (this was an hour or so ago)
Clicking on "Accept" on Cookie consent banner fails -- after clicking on it the banner remains where it is for 5 secs, then disappears but does not actually set the consent -- it will then re-appear on the next page. The error is "Uncaught (in promis...
I can now see the revert implemented -- it has both the marketingAllowed and (thirdPartyMarketingAllowed firstPartyMarketingAllowed) properties. Which is good since it means it did not break anything this time. Thanks Can I rely on marketingAllowed r...
Hello Liam, No at this moment I still am seeing the new naming (I removed cache and tried a few browsers), that is:  document.addEventListener("visitorConsentCollected", (event) => console.log(event.detail)); // ... click on accept ... {marketingAll...
Thanks Liam, If you get a response, can you also please query them on when exactly did it get renamed -- it would be useful for us to know when looking at our analytics (to know from which point the data became unreliable)
On all our stores "visitorConsentCollected" event now instead of returning (as mentioned in the docs) :{firstPartyMarketingAllowed: true,thirdPartyMarketingAllowed: true,analyticsAllowed: true,preferencesAllowed: true,} Returns:{ marketingAllowed...
The error I mentioned above was fixed for us, so I guess start monitoring if you still experience this problem (in case it was caused by the same error)
Shopify support said that they are investigating, but did not came back to us with anything yet. To double check that you are getting the same error:1. Open your store in incognito (provided your IP is in Germany so you are eligible to get this cooki...
Do you happen to use Shopify's "Privacy & Compliance" app to display the cookie pop up on your store? Since yesterday we are experiencing it erroring out (400 Bad request 'set_tracking_consent.json') and not setting the consent correctly.
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