My store is only allowing one product to be added to cart per order. So customers would need to do multiple orders if they want more than one item. How can I change this? I am using debut theme.
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Hello. The payment icons are still not showing. Will it be possible to please send me instructions on how to edit the code. I have followed other instructions but there are always errors
Hi there, thanks so much. I restored the code and the mark has gone away but I still don't have the payment icons although the box is ticked.

This is the picture of what is on my website after I tried to change the coding. 

Hi there,I apologise I am only getting back to you now. I am using the debut theme. I did try and change coding and think I messed something up. I am going to send a picture.

Hi there. I apologise I missed this mail. I would like to add my payment icons to my footer but haven’t been able to. The box is ticked when I go into customise themes
Hi there, my payment icons are not showing on my footer. The box is ticked where I customise my theme but still nothing. I have also tried following instructions to do it manually with no luck. I would appreciate any help. Thank you!

Hi there, I can't find where to ask a question. I hope this is ok. My payment icons aren't showing although the box is ticked and my payment gateway is active. I have followed the instructions to do manually and has not changed and can't find any oth...
Hello. I hope you are well. I am having a similar problem. Would you be able to help? I can't seem to find any solutions on the thread.
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