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Great, thanks! What would you recommend in terms of implementation? Ideally, it would be a webhook so I don't have to hit the API endpoint continuously. Now I would have to cycle through all the tokens or does the API give a consistent error when sco...
Hi there, I've been implementing Shopify's new token exchange and I'm curious how to detect scope changes so I can ensure my app only starts using the new scope once approved. For example, let's say I use offline tokens and use the token API exchange...
Hi Liam,Thanks for your reply.I do see the `X-Shopify-Topic` header in every webhook but I want to make sure it's not going away, given it's not listed in the documentation: "The following header fields are used:X-Shopify-Hmac-Sha256X-Shopify-Webhook...
When looking at the webhook documentation, `X-Shopify-Topic` is given in an example request but the table listed below the documentation does not mention `X-Shopify-Topic`. I want to send all webhooks to the same URL and use the ...
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