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@Victoria Thank you for the compliment on my store design appreciate it!  The app I am using though is: 'BUCKS: Currency Converter'I figured out how to shift it to the left of the cart button on mobile view but it doesnt seem to show. I am fiddling w...
@AvadaCommerce  Alright sweet thank a lot for your help avada!
Hey there, I've been fiddling with this issue for quite some time now. It seems to look just fine in desktop view. I am using an app for this, however with most apps I've tried when I place the converter in the header, it always tends to do the same ...
@AR-Dev Yea I dont have any sections that need to be removed, I think I do need some CSS
@KetanKumar Great! So that seems to solve the problem and it looks good on the desktop view, this is what it looks like  However when opening it on mobile it doesnt look the same, looks like we need to remove the pink border to match the desktop view...
Is there code you can provide that can also switch the seciton thats still in pink? and can I also post in the theme.scss.liquid file? @AR-Dev  
It doesnt seem to be white, seems like a yellow tint. @infoatcodelab7  
Hello, I want to change and reduce the spacing between sections.   Here is what I am referring to on my product page. the red outline I drew is the spacing between the description and the image and text section with a border in between. The spacing b...
@AR-Dev i beleive I need some custom CSS . Theme is debutify, if i adjust the color theme setting it will change it across the whole store
@KetanKumar Yes the snippet i posted above is what the site looks like when I paste the code provided
HeyI want to just change the accent colors for the cart page, instead of the light pink I have pointed to witht he black arrows I want to change those accent colors to white, to blend in with the background, I want to do this without changing the acc...
@infoatcodelab7 @Denishamakwana They both seem to look good however is there any way I can have it formatted on the product page then on the checkout page it shows up like this  where it the 'original price' then the discounted price with a coupon co...
it seems to not be compatible with my site this is what happens 
@Denishamakwana @dmwwebartisan @KetanKumar Could you guys help me with this please
@dmwwebartisan That solves partially of what I was looking for, could you also help me with he black shadowed border under the navigation. Refer to the snippet to see specifically what it is  
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