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Hello All: I am a newbie with shopify but I do know what HTML, CSS, Javascript etc are and can make minor modifications to code. I have created variants for a product but certain variant combinatio...
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Sorry, I cannot help you. I have the exact same question! Hopefully an expert can suggest which liquid modules need changing.
Hello: Unfortunately the suggestions above did not work for me. I ended up changing the code in order to bring back my "Edit Product" option as an admin. I am replying to let others know. THank you.
Hello Everyone:When logged in as an admin, when browsing my website as a customer (I guess the 'front end' ?) my helpful shopify bar would allow me to directly edit a product. It would have a clickable option "Edit Product" or something like that. I ...
 <sheepishly> answered my own question! Left it here for anyone else looking for this info 
Hi:I would like to filter the products in my shop to view only those that use the "Compare at Price", (i.e. those items that are on sale).Without installing any apps, is there an easy way to do this?I know I can download my product base into excel an...
https://community.shopify.com/c/shopify-design/variants-link-product-options/m-p/615156 I used the above link to edit my code in Venture to do what you want in my shop. I wish I could help you more but I am not a developer and just followed the instr...
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