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Hathair, have you received an update from support? My support agent says that it has been passed on to the technical team but that is as far as I have gotten
After some more digging into this issue, it turned out that the body was not empty, BUT, many fields were missing from the Response Header, including the Link field that is necessary to get the next/previous page from pagination.  Adding a small few ...
I also created another post about this with some more detail, and am currently waiting to hear back from support
Thanks Liam, have been in touch with the support team and they are looking at it now I thought worth mentioning it here in case any other users or developers come across the same issue We download 1,000s of records each day from 5 other sources also,...
I'm facing an issue where I can not reach the end of pagination in REST API responses. The body is sometimes returned empty, other times with no issue. Sometimes it happens on the 2nd page of responses, sometimes the 30th etc. Using version 2023-01 i...
I believe I'm facing the same issue. Once a day I automatically download all our Orders, Products, and Customers into a separate system, via the API. It has worked flawlessly for over a year. Recently, the amount of data retrieved has been smaller th...
Damn, that's unfortunate. We've gone the route of using a metafield for the Japanese title. So the product has an English title (primary language), but no Japanese title on the product itself.  Code example for anyone that is interested {% if localiz...
Hi Chideraa, did you manage to work this out? I'm trying to achieve the same thing. Basically with the below code, but not sure where/how to get the English product.title {% if localization.language.iso_code == 'ja' %} <span class="product-subtitle...
Hey @stiviniii I didn't find a fix particular to this issue, but ours seems to be working now, even with captcha on.The only thing that I can think of that fixed it, was an issue where the CSS was not applying correctly to the account login pageIt's ...
Hi thereI'm having some trouble with creating customer accounts on our store. We're using the Dawn theme, slightly customizedWhen clicking on Create account, I then enter a new name and email and password, go through the recaptcha, then am prompted w...
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