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It aren't full wdith any more after I add the code you sent me into theme-styles.scss Is it something wrong?
Which means I can't adjust the height ? thanks!
Hi thereI would like to adjust the hegith of video on homepage .(1) Is it possible for me to adjust it like 350px?(2) It can't autoplay on mobile phone ,why?I really appreciate that !Thanks!My URL :   
And also it seems it can't autoplay on mobile version . Is it something woring ?@ZestardTech  thanks!
Hi,PallaviIt works ! But I need to know how can I adjust the height of video section .I would like to make it like 450px .Right now it's too large . Could you help me ?Thanks!
Hi I would like to add a full width video on my home page ,  But I can't change the width and height very well . Is it poosible for me to adjust the video with full width and 350 px height ?Thanks!My URL: 
Hi ZworthkeyI would like to change the footer style like "" Thank you .
Hi , ZworthkeySorry , it's my fault .The correct URL is : sales.bellissimochina.comThanks!
Hi ! I would like to change the footer style , but I don't know how should I do .Is it possible ? Pls help me !My url:  
Hi experts!I would like tou edit the google ads tracking conversion on my shopify , but I met some troubles!I have added the first event snippet  about “User browses the web” and it did work . But when I continue to add second  tracking event snippet...
Hi there!I would like to add the code from Google structured data markup about product and home page to shopify store . But I don't know where should I add it .Pls help me and tell me what file should I paste it .Thanks ! 
Hi guys!I am working on my website but I get a problem right now .When I click the icon "Find a store "on the index  , I will get a 404 page . I can't cancel the 404 page and fix the map page .Pls help!My URL: Best wishes Hi...
Hi DiegoHow are you ? I have tried serveal times , but I can't figure out this issue .Coud you tell me is there another way to make it happen? I really appreciate that . Thanks !
Hi expert!I would like to make the text area of service policy wider , because it seems like too long right now .Just  like the red frame is ok .Pls help me My url :  
I have double check weather I save the file or use the correct theme .It didn't work . I don't know why .THanks!
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