i am looking for a mentor to help and guide me through the seo process i do not know where to begin
i would like feed back on the products i have currently developed to understand better where i change , keep, delete
i need help developing the google on and off seo, i just want to know where exactly do i start to begin this process and to guide me through gradually ...can someone please assist me?
if you are in the infancy stages of the store development and have a small amount of attention coming to your site what would be a great strategy to turn your leads into sales?
hello i am new to shopify and new at developing my brand and company and i would like feed back on my store to see what i could potentially change to attract the right and proper customers for my bra...
i need help developing my homepage and wonder what i could fix about it to increase my chances of becoming a marketable brand and building trust because to be honest to me it looks okay but it just l...
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i created a klaviyo and i do not quit underrtsand it or how it works will someone please explain this to me and how to properly use it?
how would i check if its password protected?
These images are contributing to initial page load, but can probably be lazy loaded instead. can someone explain to me what this means exactly?
hello my name is DonG @618lafamilia.com and i am new to shopify and came across this thread to gain knowledge and understanding on how to increase my online sales as well because the beginning parts are tough but im lucky and glad to have a community...
how do i send the private message?
ok i am just getting started and testing a few things and my store speed was once 59 but it dropped to a 53 but on the youtube video to check it through google it says 70 for mobile and 97 for desktop. Whats going on because i am confused and i need ...
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