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Is there a way to add Marketplaces via Flow? For some reason since I installed the POS channel my new items need manually adding to my Marketplace.
This doesn't work?   ps I tried to a flow file to this  post and got "The file type (.flow) is not supported. Valid file types are: csv, mp4." Which seems less than idea for a help forum about Shopify Flow. 
Following because I also need to do this.  I have a "back in stock" collection. My current method is to automate removal from the collection when item goes out of stock. Auto add to collection when comes back in stock (both using Flow) and then go to...
Go to customize theme. Products. Default Product. Template. Product Information. Text. Click the eyeball next to Text.
Thanks. I changed the URL to https://further-records.myshopify.com/admin/api/2023-01/graphql.json and also tried https://further-records.myshopify.com/admin/api/graphql.json Both returned 400 errors. I've tried a very simple "create-test-collection" ...
I'm not experienced with API at all before this but I'm trying to make flow create a collection when a product quantity is changed (a pretty common trigger for me). The flow is getting stuck (not erroring) returning: Did this...Send HTTP requestJan 2...
Thanks Paul & Paul. I tried with Twilio and got a bit lost but I was able to make it work with Zapier. I'm happy with that!
Hi. Has anyone written a Back in Stock style marketing Flow? I'd like to add a form to any pages where the item is out of stock that collects an email address and then when the product is restocked sends a marketing email to those customers. I know t...
I have Flow sending internal emails but sending SMS would be even better for my staff who rarely check their emails.
I use Flow to setup my shipping labels. I ship records so can use media mail. That's usually the cheapest option but not in all cases. When shipping packages over certain weights to nearby locations (Zone 1-3 I think) it can often be cheaper to use P...
Is it possible to add a discount code to the cookies of a segment of your customers (my email subscribers)? Basically if customer=subscribers add discount code to URL/cookies. Is it possible to do it when they sign in to their account?
Thanks. I did try that, but there's just no way to code for "updated most recently" unfortunately. Reversing the order will only work per page, not for the entire list. I've spoken to them about it and they made a minor concession in allowing the man...
This is infuriating. If inventory change date exists I need access to it badly.
Thanks, but that won't work. None of the sort options are what I need.I need "date added to the collection". It's a "back in stock" collection, so the items could be created/published at any date. The current manual order is exactly the opposite of w...
I need some code to reverse the page order of a collection. Page 1 becomes page 10Page 2 becomes page 9...Page 9 becomes page 2Page 10 become page 1 Is it possible?
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