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Yeah, for example, I want to sort my product list by SKU. Not possible in the Products tab. Very disappointing. Also it is disappointing that I cannot save a preferred and default Product List view. For example, sort by created date. Instead, I need ...
Great solution for displaying tags. I used on the Product Page template in a Custom Liquid section. 2 Questions:1. Text is small. How to increase text size?2. This displays far left with no margin or padding. I have it under the product description, ...
Yeah - I don't know who designs some of these features that are missing common sense features or settings. They are probably in cahoots with the apps or "experts" who will charge for such things (that should be just there, common sense features).The ...
Shopify themes should have this page template feature. It is really disappointing that they do not. 
You are not the only one. I am really surprised and disappointed that this type of feature is not standard with Shopify themes.  
Me too. Lack of a portfolio or image grid or gallery page template is a major omission for Shopify. Very disappointing. "Experts" will point you to an app with another monthly subscription fee.  
A gallery or portfolio page should be a standard theme page template in Shopify. SquareSpace has them. Big disappointment. 
Yeah... but a gallery or portfolio pages are common website features and should be included in the Shopify themes. Not a monthly app add-on subscription gimmick.
Still hoping to find a solution to edit an existing tag. It's probably something simple - or just not possible. The alternative would be to delete the existing tag and create a new one, and then reassign it to all the products... 
By the way - I'm using "Studio" theme, a Shopify gen 2 theme. 
Is it possible to modify an existing product tag? For example, is it possible to change "apple" to "apples"? Please explain where. 
...and I am using the "Studio" theme, a Shopify gen 2 theme. 
This also works to past your style code in the "Custom Liquid" option of the product page theme editor. 
Please submit this request. SKU is basic retail management data and must be a column on the product list page. 
Hi Callum - Same problem here "Thanks for subscribing" not showing on my site. Were you able to fix this? How?
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