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I found the answer myself. Thanks.
Hi, when I tried to retrieve specific order, I found that some of the orders were missing with or without any params, e.g. limit, name, financial_status, etc. I can find the order created today and others from yesterday or even eariler.  Can anyone h...
Hi all, i am trying to make the slider swipeable. Does anyone face the same situation before? It would be great if you could help me, thank you. I have tried to add "allowTouchMove:true," in the theme.min.js, but it doesn't work. 
Could you recommend me any other solution to set the "UPS Ground option at Shipping Methods" only for a bill below to USD $ 19.95 using any app? Thank you J
HiThank you for your reply...May I know if there is any way to add a condition to this UPS (Discounted rates from Shopify Shipping)ONLY if the total bill is below than USD $19.95?Thank you! J  
Hi Dear Shopify, May I know if there is a way to deactivate the UPS Ground option from shipping methods?I will like to show only "Free Ground Shipping $20 option and UP" when the total bill is more than 19.95USD $My shopify plan is this one:Thank you...
Hi, I have found the cause of this issue is affected directly from an APP "XYZ" that was installed on our store.I have deleted the APP and now UPDATE_CART is working correctly. Thank you so much for your timeRegards,J  
Hi,Thank you for your reply ~ - Here is the screenshot where after changed to quantity 3,  click on Update button or Checkout, the quantity still is  1- visit this website and add any product, on Cart page is the bu...
Hi everyone, Currently I'm using the Brooklyn theme, on the Cart view the "Update Cart" button is not working. When click checkout, the checkout page is not showing the exactly amount of product. Example I update view Cart is 3 for a product's quanti...
Thank you so much for your information Kimi ~Regards
Hi,1. Currently I'm with the "Shopify Plan" 79 USD/month2. I have installed some apps to control for example max items per product, the app will limit the max item on the "Cart View".If I add 2 items of one product, the "Cart View" has no problem, bu...
Ok, thank you ! ^^I see it today, is already fixedMany thanks!
I did clear cookies already and still doesn't work...
HiJust suddenly the "Share preview" link is not workingAnd if I am working on one specific theme, any click on "Preview Theme" the homepage will go to the current actived site Please does anyone have any solution with this?Thank you
HiWhich customization is needed for the product template file?Could you provide the code ?When expanse trial showed that feature, it seems included. I'm surprised isnot included because is a paid theme
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