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Hello, I just transferred my domain from siteground to Shopify and delete my previous shop. But if I search on google for my shop link I always get this error: https://ibb.co/g99ZbGy&nb...
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That is back now it is back in the middle. But the icons don't go to the right side of the page if you make it iPad size
@suyash1 Now is the menu on a normal screen not in the middle anymore.
@suyash1 I found also another problem. If I make my screen a little bit smaller (iPad size) the hamburger menu and icons are not on the side. But I want them on the side. Look to the screenshot then you will get it. Screen: https://ibb.co/wMFg92cWebs...
Yes, this code works! Thank you
Hello @suyash1 , little problem, I just checked my website on my phone and I saw that the position of the toggle for the menu on mobile device also moved.But it needs to be on the left side on mobile device. Any solution for this? https://ibb.co/ChxJ...
Hello, I want that my menu in my header go stays in the middle. Now it is more to the left side of the header. https://ibb.co/DftGxwzLink: leondecame.comPassword: LéondeCamé2020.  Regards,
@Zworthkey wrote:hii, @LeondeCame do you want to like this?Thank You.No, menu left - Store name in the middle - language selector next to the account, bagg, and search
Hello, I'm using the prestige theme and I want that my header will be static and always in one line. Now if I use a smaller screen the menu comes below the store name. But I want it always on the left of the store name (only on mobile and tablet I wa...
@KetanKumar I sended a private message
@KetanKumar that’s really weird. Can you maybe look in my backend? 
@KetanKumar wrote:@LeondeCame can you please show me what's error@KetanKumar I’m not able to try it again and take a screenshot at the moment. I don’t have a computer with me. Can you try it by yourself? It is line 272, but no I did what is wrong. Re...
Hello @KetanKumar,I get an error on line 272. Any idea why I get that error?    
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