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Hi, my shop is currently running version 5.0I am considering upgrading to 10.0 but wanted to know what the key differences are so that I know if it is worth the effort to upgrade as I have custom code that I will need to change as well
Hi, how can i align the description to the centre.I tried adding in a text-align but it is aligning to the left margin.collection-hero__title+.collection-hero__description {font-size: 14px;text-align: center;margin-top: 10px;}  
Sorted, thanks
superstar that works thanks! Do you also know how I can move the description below the title please.
Hi, how can I change the title to smaller font pls, e.g. font 22 on the blogs liste.g. TandoorMaster  
Thank you very much, it works really well!
Hi, url is tandoormaster.compassword - TandoorMaster
Hi, I tried that and also this below but the description size is still staying the same. .section-template--15350924050637__product-grid-padding {padding: 0;}h1.collection-hero__title {font-size: 24px;margin-bottom: 0;}.collection-hero__description.r...
hi i still need it in the footer though as needs to be there on all pages.
Hi,When I click on the search icon and enter a value to search for it doesnt return anything and I am unsure why.Can anyone help please.tandoormaster.compassword - TandoorMaster
Hi, I would like to make the following adjustments to the footer please.1 - put the newsletter email form at the top of the footer2 - Align the info menu to the left of the footer for desktop view3 - increase the font size of the copyright (© 2022, t...
Hi, I have worked out how to reduce the title collection by putting this code in base.cssh1.collection-hero__title {font-size: 24px;} Does anybody know how I can reduce the font size of the description, and reduce the padding between title and descri...
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