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Hi Team,We have couple of questions on understanding the Subscription applied on Shopify order line_items and its effect in fulfillment and its fulfillment_orders.We added the questions and their answers. please help us in understanding the API chang...
Hi Support, I want to understand the usage of read_merchant_managed_fulfillment_orders and write_merchant_managed_fulfillment_orders scopes.when do we need these scopes to fulfill the Shopify fulfillment orders?currently, when I am trying to fulfill ...
Hi Gary,thanks for the reply.But, it was not the same with different api endpoint which is deprecated now. We used to POST fulfillment orders that has different delivery method types.So, apart from the making separate requests like splitting it out i...
Hi Shopify Support,We are currently using syncing fulfillments from NetSuite to Shopify in our integrations.We have observed that when the order contains combination of digital items and physical items, on performing fulfillments for both items in on...
Thank you team, Appreciate your assistanceThis really helped us
Hi Support,All our API calls are made using the API version 2021-07 but we're stillgetting the alerts.Can you please confirm if moving the API version to 2021-10 will thisresolve the alert showing the partner account?
Hi Shopify Support Team,I am getting the following alert message for my APP, I am sure we are not using this force_ssl field anywhere in our code, Even though every time the app shows this error.The force_ssl field has been removed from the Shop REST...
Hello  SagarNagendra,Could you please help me here to understand betterly on the exact impact on removing force_ssl fieldThanks
I am getting the following error message  for my APP, I am sure we are not using this force_ssl field anywhere in our code, Even though every time the app it shows this errorThe force_ssl field has been removed from the Shop REST Admin API. View chan...
Hi Dave_Pelletier,The issue is not only happening for products/{{product_id}}/metafields.jsonendpoint but also when trying to add metafields for customers endpoint aswell,Can you please ensure us when this value_type won't be a mandatory field toset ...
Shopify metafields API has a field value_type which is deprecated and replaced by type in API version 2021-07.But when trying it via POSTMAN to create the metafields we are facing issue with an error value_type field should be present for the particu...
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