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Hi @bellevo, You can go to Themes -> Edit code -> find "base.css" and add the below code to bottom: .section-header .header { width: 100% !important; max-width: initial !important; } .header__icons { column-gap: 5px; /* Can Adjust by You...
Hi @Sheffield_Tiger, You can update like as below{%- if product.metafields.custom.details_intended_location != blank -%} <li> <strong>Location: </strong> {% for location in product.metafields.custom.details_intended_location.value %} ...
Hi @Hausi, You can go to Themes -> Edit code -> find "base.css" file and add the below code to bottom:.section-header.shopify-section-group-header-group { z-index:5 }Hope this helps.
Hi @TruGladys, Can you share your store URL with storefront password, so we can check and help youThanks.
Thank @Astrid_brae, You can try to add this CSS code to bottom of 'base.bundle.css' file .shopify-section-group-footer-group .-mx-1 li { min-width:38px } Hope this helps.
Hi @AndreNL, Please try to to go to Themes -> Edit code, find 'theme.liquid' and insert the below code before </head> tag<style> @media (min-width: 1025px) { .section-header-navigation { width: 100%; } } </style> Hope this helps.
Hi @Astrid_brae, Please share your store URL with storefront password. So I and other partners can check & help you.Thanks.
Ok @Ertersy , sounds good. I'm also typing. It seems you will need to update the onVariantChange() function in variant-picker.js.Have a nice day!
Hi @flammagreg, You can go to Themes -> Edit code -> find the 'theme.min.css' file and add this code at the bottom:.template-search .section--newsletter { display: none !important; } Hope this helps.
Hi @MVS-ONE , I think you can refer to this documentation about discount combinations in Shopify: https://help.shopify.com/en/manual/discounts/combining-discounts.It provides many examples that you can check and apply.  Sorry for misunderstanding the...
Hi @joeltattersall1, To remove the dot pagination of the slideshow, go to Themes -> Edit code -> find the 'component-slideshow.css' file and add this code at the bottom:.slideshow__controls { display: none !important; } Hope this helps.
Hi @vcockerham2002, The Dawn theme has lazy loading support by default.To integrate lazy loading of images or iframes, you can use the HTML loading="lazy" attribute. So your HTML code might look like this:<img loading="lazy" src="image.jpg" alt="..."...
Hi @bellevo, You can go to Online store -> Themes -> Edit code, find "base.css" file and add this code to bottom: .header .cart-count-bubble { top: 5px; right: 12px; left: auto; bottom: auto; background: #ba8980; /* Replace by you...
Hi @Leobar00, Most apps only work with the regular Shopify Liquid theme and do not work with Hydrogen.If you want to integrate an app with Shopify, it needs to provide an API or documentation that specifies this. If not, you may have to explore on yo...
Hi @decentstore, To create a product with multiple images, you just need to add one line and enter three fields:Handle: Specifies the product to which the image is uploaded.Image Src: Specifies the image source.Image Position: Specifies the position ...
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