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Hi I'm using v6 of shopify-app-js. I've created both online and offline tokens and stored them in my db. I'm trying to create an offline session token for use with the graphql client as I'm accessing an endpoint from outside the app (posting data fro...
I'm stuck on exactly the same thing. Kryp, did you ever get a solution, or can anyone else help, please?
Hi Ella Try tagging them with something like 'comingsoon', then inside the theme liquid, where it usually displays sold out, update to add a check for the tag. Something like (not tested){% for tag in product.tags %} {% if tag contains 'comingsoon'...
I don't see a logo at all?
Hi Drew Use 'request.path'. Something like {% if request.path includes <your string> %} stuff {% endif %} Not tested, but you get the idea.  
This should help Go in via { product(id: "") { productCategory { productTaxonomyNode { ... } } } } Also, this is only available on the 2022-10 (and l...
Unless I've misunderstood your question, isn't this just a case of creating a product for each tier and then assigning variants for each of the days?
Brilliant, thank you! That allows me to restrict to template types, so all collections, all pages, etc, but what if I want to restrict to a specific template, say ''?  I tried "templates": [""] and it did...
Hi @LitExtension  I'll attach an image to better show what I mean. Say I'm inside the theme editor and editing the home page, I can update / edit existing sections & blocks and at the bottom is the '+ Add Section' button. When clicked, it brings up a...
Hey The title pretty much covers it, I think? We have a lot of presets, and when people are building out templates inside the theme editor, the list is getting bigger every day so it becomes hard to navigate, and for some presets, we don't want them ...
Ok, after much searching I've figured I need to use an offline token for doing stuff on the back end. I need to still generate online session tokens, but also create and store an offline one when the app is first installed, I think. There doesn't see...
Hey I'm working on a custom app (my first one) and as part of what I'm trying to, I need to be able to read & write to product metafields. I can see how I'd do it if I was initiating these reads & writes from within the app, but I need to do these al...
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