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Yes, I just sent you the link via DM. Thanks.
I want to make the collection page banner full width. Is there a way to do it using custom css (appears easier for me)? I can dm the page link.Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
I already have the @GemPages app. My concern is if we stop using the app for any reason, we will lose the page template. Isn't that correct?
I have already figured a way of removing the breadcrumb from Collection pages. Is there a way I can take the position of the banner image for each collection to the top of the page and place it where the breadcrumb was earlier positioned, so that it ...
@suyash1 Yes, a different image for each section. It could even be the collection's banner image, but positioned in place of breadcrumb, edge to edge.
For Collection pages only, we would like to remove the breadcrumb container and instead use edge-to-edge banner image for that collection. We are using Dawn theme. Any guidance on the code for this, along with the file and where to place the code, wo...
Thanks Terence for all your help and for working with me with great deal of patience in resolving this matter. It is working fine now.Cheers!
@TerenceKEANE My theme customisation doesn’t have the feature, so I guess it has to be done manually. 
We have a 2.0 Dawn theme that is using a paid, customised theme. For About Us page, we are using a customised Parallax theme that serves like a banner image section with text overlay. How can we have different images for mobile and desktop.Thanks in ...
Thanks @ZenoPageBuilder . Tried that, but it didn't work. Likely because it is a paid theme with customisations, so you may need to "inspect" the code.
Hello,For my store, I would like to change the font-family and font-size of the text overlay on the hero image in the header. While I know the css code to change the text attributes, I am unable to identify the correct css class selector for the main...
Thanks to those of you who responded here and through DM. I added custom CSS code for h2, specifying the new font-family, for each section. I added the following CSS custom code to each section, one by one, and it worked! h2 {     font-family: Lora;}...
We are running the Dawn paid theme and are looking to change the title font family for every section of the homepage. Can this be done easily without risking the rest of the site. What would be the code for this and where to add the codes. I am a non...
We are so grateful to @Dan-From-Ryviu for all his help yesterday to fix the issues. I am not entirely sure what caused it and how he fixed the problems, but thank him for his professional help in quickly identifying and then fixing the problem. Highl...
Hi, our store site home page has suddenly gone blank. It was working fine till last night. No code changes made. Grateful for any help. Urgent matter please.I will share url via DM. Thanks!
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